Saturday, April 10, 2010

SCDF NSmen at fire stations to serve 18 days for in-camp training

SCDF NSmen at fire stations to serve 18 days for in-camp training
By Satish Cheney & Teo Xuanwei | Posted: 09 April 2010 2211 hrs

SINGAPORE: NSmen with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) spend eight days when it comes to in-camp training.

But from this month, those attached to fire stations will have to serve 18 days instead.

This was outlined in the SCDF workplan.

The move is to ensure that these men can be deployed in immediate response teams for fire and rescue operations along with regulars and NSFs.

Speaking at the Workplan Seminar, Law Minister and Second Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugan said it is also essential for the SCDF to use new technologies to enhance its capabilities.

A new drive for public education is also necessary, said the Minister, adding that SCDF's successes also depend on whether it is able to continue to rely on strong public support.

"As a further extension of its current outreach efforts, SCDF will be conducting Emergency Preparedness Awareness Training Programmes in the heartlands from this year," he said. "This is a new partnership with the People's Association to teach grassroots leaders and residents essential emergency preparedness knowledge."

The SCDF also plans to introduce a Demerit Point System to track and act against those who repeatedly commit fire offences.

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