Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NSman dies of heat stroke

Apr 13, 2010

NSman dies of heat stroke

A FULL-TIME police national serviceman died of heat stroke two days after an IPPT trial at the parade square of the Home Team Academy, a coroner's court heard.

Mr Roslan Saharo, 18, had complained of having a fever to two squad-mates on the day of the 2.4km run on May 13, 2008.

But he did not tell the squad's field instructor that he was unwell, and carried on running.

At an inquiry into his death, the court heard that trainees were supposed to run three to four rounds around the parade square.

During the run, two squad-mates noticed Mr Roslan - who weighed 93kg - to be unwell but he indicated that he was fine and continued running.

Subsequently, another trainee saw him run diagonally towards a block and collapse on a sheltered pavement.

Mr Roslan picked himself up and continued, but but fell down again after a few steps.

When the field instructor realised what had happened, he ran over to Mr Roslan who threw up twice.

He received medical attention at the clinic but when he became restless and disoriented, he was taken to National University Hospital.

He remained in intensive care and died two days later of heat stroke which caused multiple-organ failure and left him brain dead.

In recording a verdict of misadventure on his death, State Coroner Victor Yeo said it was an unfortunate case where his death could have been avoided had he reported first, to his instructor.

He also urged all trainees to take good care of themselves and their fellow squad-mates during training, and to keep a lookout for one another.


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