Friday, July 24, 2009

Mum wants to ban NS men from taking buses

Mum wants to ban NS men from taking buses

A Netizen who claimed to be a mother of two girls made a post in an online forum recently, demanding that NS men be banned from taking public buses because they are dirty and smelly.

The post drew furore from other forum members, who have called the poster insensitive and disrespectful towards NS men.

The Netizen, who goes by the username JusticeLegal, described an unpleasant bus ride on 10 July which prompted her to propose the ban.

JusticeLegal said that she was bringing her children home from Downtown East when a group of "army boys" boarded the bus with them. The NS men were sweaty and smelled, and soon the Netizen's daughters were "making sick faces" at her.

The Netizen proposed that SAF ban soldiers from taking the bus, reasoning that the pay NS men get should be enough to pay for taxi rides.

She also said that the soldiers, having just returned to Singapore from Tekkong, might have contacted "germs and viruses" and might spread the diseases to others.

Calling the NS men "smelly green things", JusciceLegal said in her post that her two daughters should be spared the eyesore.

If she had a grandson in the future, the Netizen said that she would teach him to be a responsible citizen and take a cab, or wait for her to fetch him.

The forum thread, which has since attracted some 900 replies, was started on 17 July. A large majority of replies expressed anger at JusticeLegal's comments with many saying that the Netizen should at least recognize the contributions of NS men.

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