Friday, May 28, 2010

The Issue of NS for Singaporean Men

Even today, things still have not changed for the better for NSmen. Are you going to wait some more?

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Issue of NS for Singaporean Men
Some one wrote to Today paper Voices saying that part time students of UniSim cannot get deferment from ICT as the University is not recognised by Mindef. Mindef then adviced him to seek the NS unit CO's understand, but the CO told him that NS duties come first....

I was thinking is this the deal male citizens get when comes to NS? Doing a part time means juggling between work and study and needed alot of commitment. Unless someone's family is rich enough to sponsor himself for full-time local or even overseas university education, part-time university course is the only option.

However, we, the Singaporean men still lacks behind the PRs who need not serve NS.

My friend who was in the human resource company was telling me that there were PRs from Malaysia who was in Singapore since young and yet need not serve NS. I was told that one of the parent, usually the mothers are Singaporean. Their kids are just PR and they need not serve NS.

This period the Poly gradation ceremonies are just been over and the Singaporean males students are now in BMT while these PR males are out looking for jobs. They will have 2 years lead time over Singaporeans.

If they did not take up any grants from Singapore government, they can carry on the university education and the gaps between Singaporean and PRs become wider.

I am not saying NS is no good, but the PAP government should look into these PR loop holes and even the playing field.

However, the local political playing field is control by PAP alone and I am doubtful the PAP government is even bothered by this issue.

As some said, the NS and the SAF are here to protect the PR and the wealth associated with them....


Anonymous said...

Singapore in it's quest to become a global city, will naturally fuss over the rich, bright and highly skilled. For the rest, as long as you just follow law - it's A-OK. Learn to take your lot in life.

Sylvester Lim said...

Yes, it is called 'Learned Helplessness'. Singaporeans have adopted this concept very well. This is also one of the reasons the MIW look down on Singaporeans. The choice is yours. You, the taxpayers pay these buggers to look down on you. One way of changing their attitude towards Singaporeans is to vote them out,

Michael said...

interesting blog, i've just finished doing my conscription in singapore and i have seen incompetence that goes up to really high levels. Not to mention i have seen racism up close and personal.

It angers me to see such incompetence and racism institutionalized into the system, but as it is, you probably know who i'll not be voting for in the upcoming elections. Provided of course, that my district isn't one of those "walkovers".

Sylvester Lim said...

Hi Michael, the SAF will never change or improve if the always attempt to keep things under cover or use the OSA Official Secrets Act to shut up NSmen. The political system affects how Singaporeans do things and whether we are vocal or sheep-like.