Saturday, May 23, 2009

Recruit dies after booking 10 mins

Sigh, another Singaporean male sacrifices for our great country. When it is your son that pays the price, let's see what you are going to say. God's will? Was it God's will that forced your son to be conscripted? Your son is still young and things may change in 10 years time? I waited 10 years and things didn't really change much except for a reduction of 6 months to the time served. 10 years ago I had also hoped that something will be done about NS and didn't bother at all. Most of the countries with conscription are adopting 1 year or less unless they are in a war zone. Are we in a war zone? Twenty years ago the situation was unsettling because of Malaysia and Indonesia. But, in the 21st century?

Recruit dies after booking out 10 min-->

AN ARMY recruit leaving Pulau Tekong on a ferry on Thursday night after booking out of camp became delirious during the journey to the mainland.

After Mr Liam Kai Zheng, 19, got off the boat at the Singapore Armed Forces' ferry terminal in Changi, he was taken in an ambulance to the Changi General Hospital, where he died nine hours later on Friday morning.

Paramedics had found him unconscious at the foyer of the terminal with an abnormally high pulse rate and temperature. The cause of death is still being determined.

Mr Liam had recently completed a four-day field camp before checking out of the Basic Military Training Centre in Pulau Tekong on Thursday night.

The junior college graduate, whom friends said enlisted last month, was said to be 'soft-spoken but very cheerful'. Said one of them: 'He...had a smile on, no matter what he was doing.'


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