Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reservist's Disadvantage

The two years wasted on our conscription is one big issue, the other is also how the long reservist training each year is affecting Singaporean's job prospects and bonus.

1. Companies are reluctant to employ Singaporean males compared to PRs or WP Work Permit holders because of the disruption to their business. Although taxpayers make up for the salary, what cannot be quantified is the loss of business and for some, opportunity. Business or opportunity waits for no one. The civil service mindset cannot understand this as they have never operated a business and many of them never worked for the private sector.
2. Although businesses are required by law to release these reservist for training, what is there to stop them from reducing performance bonuses or promotion prospects? Can the law stop businesses from having a employment preference for foreigners due to this disruption?
3. Many senior managers or employers are foreigners, can they understand the sacrifice of our NSmen. Some even put pressure on our reservist for having to do training every year.
4. Many businesses also expect reservist to return to work during off period or when they book out to continue with their work or projects. These reservist are carrying the extra burden of training and work at the same time. Probably, 10% of reservist take the training as a break from work. Given the ease of employing foreigners without this reservist disruptions, how long more can they hold their jobs without a pay cut?
5. Even in large corporations, result orientated work teams with more Singaporean men achieve lower results due to their disruptions although their colleagues are supposed to take over their duties. Their colleagues are already busy up to their ears with work to bother about other duties. Can a civil servant understand this? Because of lower results, the team members lose out on performance bonuses and promotion opportunities as the corporation will ultimately look at the financial results and not your sacrifice to the nation.
6. Singaporean men who have families also carry the responsibility for their small children such as ferrying them, emotional support of their spouse and children. These are lost every year.
7. How many reservist need to take time off every week for failing their IPPT and have to do RT?


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt want my new born son to go through all these disadvantages. Any idea when is the age limit for emigratioin without attracting NS liability. I might need a few years to prep "move"

Sylvester Lim said...

If I remember correctly, it is 12 years old. You might want to verify with MINDEF knowing that they keep change the rules & regs to plug loopholes.

Redtooth said...

I wish I wasn't born in Singapore, or migrated to another country when I was younger then moved back as a PR here.